Children’s Show in Denmark Accused of Child Molestation

The children’s show in Denmark “Ultra Strips Down”, where teenagers are shown naked people for their sexual education, has been accused of child molestation. It has become the subject of discussion in Danish society and in the foreign press.The show has been accused of molestation. After a Danish conservative politician called the show “child molestation”, … Read more

Military Lesbian Couple Detained And Summoned To Court Martial

A Ghanaian military lesbian couple who got married over the weekend are reportedly detained and court-martialed. In videos shared online before their arrest, the two looked happy as they danced together as their guests congratulated them. The event led to mixed opinions on social media, as many questioned why such an “ungodly and abominable” event … Read more

Residents of a Russian City Fight “Lovers of Loud Sex”

In the city of Bryansk, residents of an apartment building decided to fight their neighbors, who were nicknamed “lovers of loud sex.” An announcement was placed in the elevator addressed to noisy residents. They have become known as the “Typical Bryansk” community on VKontakte. The announcement was posted in a residential building on Stanke Dimitrov … Read more

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