Woman Reports Husband to His Boss and the boss gives her a lesson


One day a woman went to her husband’s work place to report him to his boss. She told the boss how her husband usually squander his Ksh.5,500 salary and only gave her K3,000 for upkeep.

After her narration, the boss told her to come back on the last day of the month.

On the set day, she arrived as planned. The boss called the husband and they all sat down in the boss’ office.
The boss started, “Mr. Mweemba, your wife reported to me some days ago that you do squander your salary with friends and only give the family Kshs. 3, 000 for upkeep. So right now, I am going to personally hand over your salary to her and also going forward she will be receiving your salary.”

‘How much is your transport to work daily?” the boss asked.

‘Kshs. 20 Sir’, Mr. Mweemba replied.
The boss handed over Kshs.440 to Mr. Mweemba. ‘That should take you for 22 working days in a month,the boss said.

‘Do you take breakfast at home?’ the boss continued.
‘No Sir, I leave home early to beat traffic jam’.
‘How much do you spend on breakfast and lunch daily?’

Kshs.45 Sir, replied Mr. Mweemba.
The boss handed over Kshs.990 to him for breakfast and lunch for 22 working days in a month.

‘Who pays the children’s school fees?’ the boss asked facing Mr. Mweemba.
‘He does’, she replied pointing at Mr. Mweemba.

‘How much is the school fees and how many school going kids do you have?’
‘Kshs. 3,200 per term for four kids at Kshs.800 each’

In other words, you spend Kshs.9,600 per year and thus save Kshs.800 monthly for the kids’ school fees right?

‘Yes Sir’ replied Mrs. Mweemba.
Once again the boss handed over Kshs.800 to him to save for school fees
‘Who pays rent and how much is it?’
‘I do Sir and it’s Kshs.1,500 per month’ replied Mr. Mweemba.

The boss handed over Kshs.1,500 to him for rentals.
‘And who pays water and electricity bills and how much is involved?’ asked the boss.

‘My husband does; he pays Kshs.120 for water monthly and we spend Kshs.200 monthly on electricity’, said Mrs. Mweemba.

The boss handed over Kshs.320 to Mr. Mweemba for water and electricity bills.
(NB: Kshs.440 transport + Kshs. 990 breakfast and lunch + Kshs.800 school fees + Kshs.1,500 rent + Kshs.320 water and electricity = K4,050).
‘I don’t want to ask about clothing and other bills/needs etc.
The boss handed over the remaining balance of Kshs.1,450 to Mrs. Mweemba

‘What’s this for Sir?’ Mrs. Mweemba asked surprisingly
‘Money for upkeep’, the boss replied her.
‘But it wouldn’t take us anywhere’, she exclaimed.
‘So why don’t you appreciate the Kshs.3,000 your husband sacrifices for you monthly?’ the boss asked.

The woman cried and hugged her husband tightly and the rest is history.

Lessons to all
Many of us don’t know what their fathers sacrifice to put food on the table. Most of the times, fathers go hungry.Many times they swallow their pride and engage in menial and demeaning jobs just to see how their families can eat. They can’t even buy good clothes or shoes to wear rather they sacrifice so that their families can be descent.

A father may not tell you what he goes through to get you the cash he gives you because it might make you start underrating his dignity. But the truth is that fathers go through a lot and need to be appreciated in equal measure with our mothers.

As we celebrate fathers let us also appreciate God who remains our eternal Father. He surely navigates us through the many turbulents of life: from disease and sickness to poverty in faith and in the pockets, from despair to the great storms of barrenness and disappointments. God remains our PILLAR, our glaring HOPE and our only meaning of LOVE.
Let us appreciate Him always
Happy fathers day🙏 🙏🙏

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