William Ruto's numbers are a mirage and don't add up

Sections of the media have in the recent days reported that leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto are spoiling for a fight with leaders loyal to President Uhuru and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The said leaders have specifically indicated that they’ll be fighting their counterparts in and out of Parliament. They claim to have enough numbers to frustrate their counterparts when it comes to legislation especially legislation aimed at meeting the objectives of the BBI initiative.

To quote Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, “it will not be business as usual” in both Houses. They claim that what tied them to supporting the government legislative agenda was the “lucrative” positions most of them held in the Houses.

A casual look at the numbers in both Houses however paints a different picture. With the cooperation between ODM, KANU and Wiper in place, Ruto stands no chance in terms of frustrating government business.

Granted that Ruto may have in his corner MPs and Senators from areas deemed to be pro Uhuru but do they add value in terms of numbers. What’s their net worth when you look at the numbers that have filled their space in the Uhuru corner. If Ruto and his troops were honest they would simply look at the votes Senator Kithure Kindiki during his impeachment vote.

The situation outside the Houses isn’t any different. What voting blocks and numbers have been added to either side? With Raila, Kalonzo, Gideon and Issac Ruto on his side, Uhuru has bigger numbers on the ground. With Gideon and Issac Ruto, Uhuru has actually eaten into his deputy’s support base the Kalenjin Nation

So what’s Ruto talking about numbers?

My take is that Ruto is either living in denial or playing scarecrow politics. He may very well be aware that his political fortunes have drastically dwindled but is putting up a brave face to encourage his remaining disillusioned and disappointed support base.

He may also be in a state of shock after spending big money towards enticing the masses, MPs and Senators to his side.
It’s rumored that MPs and Senators who attend his rallies are paid an allowance of Ksh 100,000. If you consider the number of pro Tangatanga events held so far including the Inua Dada events this allowances translate to huge cash. Let’s not mention the numerous fundraisers

Ruto may on the other hand be playing scarecrow politics. He may be aware that he’s annihilated politically but is scaring Uhuru that he still has something left and can handle Uhuru. This tactic may be used to restrict Uhuru from doing anything drastic to him like an impeachment or prosecution arising from the many corruption allegations being levelled against him

All in all, it’s a game of numbers and William Ruto lacks them!

By Antony Oyugi

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