William Ruto’s 10 limitations compared to Raila’s strengths

William Ruto's 10 limitations compared to Raila's strengths

William Ruto’s 10 limitations compared to Raila’s strengths
1.Do you know why Raila has not been assassinated despite his history? Too many of his supporters will happily die for him. Only those who demonstrate willingness to die for a cause earn such support. Ruto”s supporters can only vote for him out of manipulation and excitement.

  1. Ruto has faced accusations of breaking just about all the 10 commandments. Kibaki, Raila and all former vice presidents except Moi remain relatively clean. Remember this proud Luo song? “Baba has never killed anyone”
  2. Raila, like all USA presidents except Trump, may be the only national leader who is deeply historica.. He always salutes those who sacrificed to give us Kenya. Ruto mocks, ignores history. See! Despite historical injustices meted on kalenjins, Ruto joined Uhuru in rubbishing the TJRC report.
  3. Ruto’s mentors died fighting for causes that continue dieing (opposing multi party democracy, human rights etc). Raila’s mentors have died sacrificing for holy causes that live after them.
  4. Ruto’s bravery is demonstrated in insulting and daring those who oppose his bid for presidency. Raila’s bravery is dominantly illustrated by his defence of the public interest at any cost.
  5. Raila’s main political card in electoral politics is his moral credentials. Ruto’s cards are money, rhetoric and abuse of office.
  6. Ruto has been charged with crimes against humanity internationally and corruption locally. Raila has been charged with attempting to overthrow a criminal government and defamation locally.
    8.Raila has been referred to as Africa’s second Nelson Mandela. Ruto aspires to be called Yoweri Museveni and can easily be equated to Donald Trump with their fake riches and spreading confusion.
  7. Ruto is a Bible wielding suspect in all manner of crimes while Raila remains humble on matters christianity not pretending to be a preacher and relatively holier I think.
  8. Raila has commanding loyalty in all the 3 national cities: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu. It’s not an accident that Ruto is yet to hold a rally in Uhuru Park, Kamukunji, Tononoka and Kenyatta

By Wafula Buke

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