Why Sonko rejected proposed County budget

Why Sonko rejected proposed County budget

Solo writes on Why Sonko rejected proposed County budget

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Thursday declined to assent the recently passed Nairobi City County Appropriation Bill, 2020, referring it back to the county assembly instead.

The county boss refused to append his signature signing it off as ‘REJECTED’ citing a 5.9b budget deficit given that the projected expenditure was 37.5b, whose lack off he says, could paralyse city operations.

In a video shared on his social media while dressed in navy blue Inspectorate uniform, a baton, dark designer glasses and a cap with the symbol of the Nairobi County Government, the Governor stated “Ï have outlined in detail the illegalities and inconsistencies contained in the budget.” He further accuses senior officials in Government circles for swapping the original budget proposals submitted by the county executive with the Governor faulting the move as contravention of the advisory issued by the controller of budget in June this year.

A week ago, the county assembly passed the proposed budget which saw, 27.1 billion of the monies allocated to Nairobi metropolitan service while Nairobi County Government got an allocation of Sh6.4 billion.

In his memorandum, Sonko quotes a Sh200 million slash from Disaster Management and Coordination, leaving an amount not sufficient to pay the department’s salaries.
Sonko insisted that the payment of all county staff, including those seconded to NMS, is the responsibility of the Nairobi County Government and as such funds for human resource management should be administered under the County Treasury.

In the budget, Ward development fund (WDF) was allocated Sh1.3 billion with Sh1 billion set to go to development.

In a rejoinder, budget committee chair Robert Mbatia said the relocation of the WDF to NMS was to ensure projects in the wards are completed on time.

The fund module has entirely been transferred from the Governor’s office to NMS under the ministry of Public works.

Other areas with fund deductions are the Public Financial Management, which has lost Sh1 billion and Urban Agricultural Promotion and Regulation which has lost Sh70 million.

Sonko’s official regalia complete with the baton is symbolic to a ruler’s sceptre which shows his authority and power.

“I’m dressed like this today so that you can know I am Nairobi’s commander in chief and I will not sit back and watch the people suffer,” he responded in a previous interview.

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