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Why Mt. Kenya is resisting the handshake between Uhuru and Raila

Handshake between Uhuru and Raila

It is important to note that President Uhuru Kenyatta is a darling of the people of the Mt. Kenya region. There is no doubt about that.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta was taken to Hague, it was inculcated in the minds of the Mt. Kenya voters that it was Raila Odinga who wanted their own son imprisoned in a foreign land. The community was protective of their son for standing with them during their time of need.

At Karatina stadium in 2013, Uhuru said, “Nima mungiaga guthuura Niki kimundu Auria kinginyonia”. Translated, “If you elect this man, he will persecute me.” The voters left the stadium with a promise to do all they could to make sure Uhuru and Ruto became President and Deputy.

In 2017, again, they woke up very early to send former Prime Minister to Bondo.


Love for Uhuru Kenyatta.

These people especially from Nyeri disliked Raila from the days he almost brought down the  Kibaki administration. Raila marshaled the team that defeated Kibaki’s referendum in 2005. This embarrassed their son and made him look weak in the eyes of the public.

After the 2007 elections, the ODM side branded Kikuyus as madoadoa’s. The Kikuyus were killed in cold blood like dogs others were burnt in churches. These people have never forgotten the incident even though they never make public declarations.

Rt. Hon Raila Odinga negotiated himself into power after the chaos and became the Prime Minister. After about a year, he became a headache to Presidelikeibaki and openly defied him. He also thrematetrums like”I was not consulted” “Nusu mkeka” “Nusu mate”

The people from Mt. Kenya developed too much animosity towards Raila Odinga. Real hatred I can tell you.

Following the disputed 2017 August elections, Agwambo successfully challenged the presidential outcome at the supreme court. The results were nullified, and a repeat election was ordered in October.

They bile build up and again they turned up in large numbers to support President Uhuru for the repeat elections.

In early 2017 came the handshake. The handshake was very important especially for the stability of this country and the Nairobi business community.

A few of us can understand the importance of the handshake. But how do you explain this stability thing to a man or woman in Kiaruhiu in Mathira or Watuka in Kieni? These people were going on with their businesses as normal.

They know a Raila Odinga who made their son Kibaki’s tenure almost impossible. The  Kiambu people see a Raila Odinga who wanted their son imprisoned in a foreign land for standing with his people.

To most of these people, the handshake was a betrayal. But is it their fault to feel that way? Are they justified? They believe loved what President Uhuru told them. His word to them is the law.

Unlike William Ruto who took it upon himself to make it up fo the peopIt’sof Mt. Kenya region. Raila has not made any effort. It’s very complicated for Wanjiku.

These people will protest against the handshake until President Uhuru Kenyatta talks to them in a language they understand because he knows their language. It’s very easy. But some people will lie to him. Perhaps to protect their jobs. People of the Mt. Kenya region can read from the same script. But after being explained to calmly.

Mr. President the people love you but they are lost! They don’t know what the handshake’ is and think you Betrayed them.the

By Martha JM Miano

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