Why Kenyans will not vote for William Ruto in 2022

William Ruto

I have also noted that Kenyans do not elect a person at their first attempt! President Moi ascended to the presidency due to the sudden passing on of the first president.

Third President Kibaki was elected on his third attempt! He had lost in 1992 and 1997. He succeeded in 2002. President Uhuru was not elected on his first attempt in 2002. He was elected on his second attempt in 2013. Why do Kenyans refuse to elect a person at first attempt?

Kenyans do not trust and fear electing a person at the first attempt. I remember how Kenyans dismissed Kibaki in 1992. They reminded him of his infamous saying when he compared KANU to a huge fig tree, that, ” You can not cut a mugumo (fig) tree with a razor blade’. He was also reminded of how he was comfortable in KANU, while Matiba, Rubia, and Raila were fighting for multiparty.

When Uhuru tried the first time, he was dismissed as inexperienced. I remember how cartoonists were drawing him as being coronated while young! Kenyans want the person who loses to gain wisdom.

A person who gets elected on the first attempt can be very arrogant and feel that it was so easy. Kenyans observe the person who lost and make an informed decision based on his character. Ruto will not be elected on the first attempt. He has a lot of baggage. The candidates who may have a chance are those who have tried and failed, like Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, and Peter Kenneth.

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