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Why Government is Harassing Mike Sonko

Why Government is Harassing Mike Sonko

Many people are wondering why the govermeng is harassing Mike Sonko. He was once the blue eyed boy.

In 2017 elections he was the favourite elect governor and his promises to Nairobi residents were alluring to all and sundry. However, Governor Mike Sonko has not been able to deliver what he promised.

Machinations from the top government has rendered Sonko a governor without a portfolio, denying the city residents their right to get services from the leader they overwhelmingly voted in.

So why is Sonko being fought right and left by the national government? Is it an engineered onslaught or about services delivery in the capital city?

It is clear his capture of the city with tremendous vote scared the politicians interested in the big office come 2022 and control of the city’s economy.

Nairobi’s income to City Hall is tens of billions and the allocation is also in tens of billions, a handsome amount the who-is-who are salivating for.

“Sonko was seen as growing more powerful especially the way he gelled with city residents and started expanding his philanthropy outside Nairobi. His political influence was rising so he had to be cut down to tame his ambitions” a source in City Hall hinted.

Sonko garnered more votes in Nairobi than President Uhuru Kenyatta despite both being in same political party. He got 871, 794 while Uhuru garnered 791,291 votes.

This means he was a favourite of both Uhuru and Raila Odinga candidates and at the beginning he gelled well with city’s elected MPs and MCAs from all political stables.

His troubles started in the county assembly where a plot to impeach him was concocted supported by external forces and the then Speaker Beatrice Elachi who was slated to take over him in the frontline.

Sonko was heading the former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu way he accepted to team up with the national government to manage the city but unknown to him he was all along being arm-twisted into a deal that would deal him a deathblow.

Key services were taken under control of national government through Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) run by Uhuru’s point man Maj-General Mohamed Badi.

That was not the end, the military man has been given some powers to frustrate the governor to a point that during the flagging of trains at Nairobi Railway Station that was spearheaded by Uhuru and attended by high-profile government officials, Sonko was scheduled to appear before the Senate over issues relating City Hall.

Sonko has complained about the mistreatments but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears as the national government engages on top gear in taking over the city county.

“There is a lot of vested interests about Nairobi. Political and wealth. There are people who want to control it and they are known. Sonko was elected but now we are in the hands of non-elected leader who is receiving orders from State House and other top offices. This is unfair. They have really frustrated Sonko” a close ally of governor revealed.

By Solomon Koko

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