Why Do Men Prefer Voluptuous Women?

Why do men prefer Voluptuous woman

Before approaching this article Why do men prefer voluptuous women or slim waists? let us recall a very important definition.

The pygophilia or pygophile, it is a person who has an attraction for the human buttocks.

In general, men prefer more voluptuous women. It is a natural and psychological phenomenon, according to scientists. The more interesting, however, is that there are many other less serious reasons why large, well-developed hind legs capture men’s attention.

Woman with big bum

Researcher Gordon G. Gallup in evolutionary psychology at the University of Albany reveals that: “In the male mind, seeing voluptuous women refers to many other things. Moreover, this particularity of the female body evokes the maternal instinct. The more voluptuous they are, the more a man believes that a woman can conceive and give beautiful babies. ” “If a woman has wide hips, it means that her morphology is such that she will be able to give birth safely”

Curvy woman

We’re officially in the big butt era, some magazines say. Women no longer need to tame their curves to attract men, according to some evolutionary psychologists, who believe men prefer large pools.

Researchers say men can’t help but be drawn to voluptuous curves since it’s written in their genes. They explained that evolution is not just about the survival of the fittest. It’s mostly about finding someone who has genes that support health, vitality and fertility.

Woman with thin waist

“The reason why slim-waisted, wide-hip silhouettes are so popular, and why men unwittingly prefer them, is two-fold. If a woman has a slim waist, it means she is not pregnant. And if she has wide hips, that means she will be able to give birth multiple times thanks to her body type. “

Also according to scientists, women who have incredible curves tend to be intelligent and they give birth to more gifted children. They explain: “Gluteo-femoral fat is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are crucial in the brain development of the fetus”

Men are therefore not aware of the reasons which push them towards women with bouncy buttocks, but are very attracted to it

The four most sensitive parts in a woman

Hello to all dear subscribers and future subscribers, today I want us to take a little interest in women and talk about the four most sensitive parts in a woman.

Many people ignore many things about women and may not take time to discover the more sensitive parts of women. But today I am going to take you on a journey that you will never regret.

Part number one is the neck. many people believe that the neck is not a sensitive part, but it is. The neck is where every nerve goes to connect with the head. if by chance someone plays badly with your shot, you are in “ pain ”

The second part is the ear. the ear might seem less sensitive but if someone tries to touch yours you will see how you will react especially if it is the eardrum if something goes into your ear trust me you will do n anything and everything to get it out.

Then the last two parts are the elbow and the knee, these two parts of the body do not let anyone try to play with them because these parts are very sensitive so that if someone else touches them you will not be able to bear their sensitivity.

Now that you know which part of the body is extremely sensitive, be sure to follow me for even more exciting articles and be sure to leave your opinions in the commentary.

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