We want to be in the opposition, William Ruto allies declare

William Ruto allies with two girls

A while ago someone sent a link to several groups. What amused me is the name of the group: ” Ruto for opposition 2022!”. I took it as a joke. But now it is becoming a reality! Here is why:

  1. In today’s Nation, self proclaimed tangatanga spokesman Caleb Kositani has said that since they were removed from parliamentary committees, they will demand to officially become opposition! 🤣🤣🤣. I do not know why the tangatanga lawyers are not giving tangatanga the right interpretation of the law! Article 108, recognises thr majority and the minority leaders who must come from the largest and the second largest party or coalition of parties respectfully! How then can tangatanga become official opposition, since on record they are still in Jubilee party?

The majority and minority parties decide on the respective membership of the parliamentary committees! There are only three Committees which are ring-fenced for the opposition: Public Accounts Committee, Public Investments Committee and Implementation Oversight Committee! How then can tangatanga that has fell out with Jubilee and are not recognised as opposition take the opposition positions in Committee?

  1. The tangatanga has lost key members in the leadership and committees of Senate and the National Assembly!
  2. The tangatanga has also lost the clout in the jubilee party organs! It is only Caleb Kositani who is making some noise.
  3. Some of the tangatanga sycophants rebels are being taken through thd Jubilee Party disciplinary mechanism!
  4. The tangatanga has open a parallel and rival Office, and called themselves Jubilee Asili!

6 The tangatanga have not been attending Government and Jubilee functions!

  1. The tangatanga have been asking questions that would ordinarily be asked by the opposition. They are doing warm up, for what they will do after they become opposition in 2022!
  2. The jubilee Party has forged working relationship with KANU, ODM, WIPER and CCM. The tangatanga are becoming increasingly ,sidelined and become a lone ranger!
  3. The referendum proposed by BBI will seal the fate of tangatanga as opposition!

Zoea mapema opposition tangatanga in 2022!

By Geoby

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