Opiyo Wandayi chair of PAC

News reports indicate that the Ugunja MP Hon Opiyo Wandayi chaired Public Accounts Committee held he highest number of meetings (97) among the twenty-nine parliamentary committees.

In the process, the said committee has made history by clearing a backlog of government audited accounts going back three financial years 2014-15; 2015- 16; and 2016-17 within a span of two years. Previously, PAC had made it a tradition to clear at most audited accounts for two financial years.

The net effect of this performance by the current committee is that counties can now access in excess of Ksh 100 billion in devolved funds which is usually paid as a percentage of audited/examined national accounts as part of the national audit process.

In addition to clearing tell backlog of audited accounts, the current committee has been commended for the prompt delivery of reports relating to government expenditure to the National Assembly.

Previous chairmen of PAC include Kakamega politician Dr Bonni Khalwale and former Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo

By Antony Oyugi

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