Two-year-old Ardi Rizal who smoked 40 cigarettes a day

Ardi Rizal smoked 40 cigarettes a day

Jakarta. The world-famous little Indonesian chain smoker Ardi Rizal (2) smoked 40 cigarettes a day (two cigarette boxes) and was able to get rid of his addiction through special therapy by specialists.

Ardi shocked the world after a video of him appeared on the Internet, in which he was smoking one cigarette after the other.

General Secretary Arist Merdeka Sirait of the National Child Protection Commission in Indonesia reported: “He has given up smoking and the most important thing is that he no longer asks for cigarettes”.

Six months after his father gave him his first cigarette, the overweight little boy smoked two packets a day and had violent fits of anger when his addiction was not satisfied. He became irritable and rammed his head against the wall. The father was perfectly okay with Ardi Rizal smoking 40 cigarettes a day

For the rehab, his mother accompanied the boy from the village on the island of Sumatra to the capital Jakarta, where he had to undergo therapy for a month. “He received psychosocial therapy for a month, during which therapists kept him busy with activities and encouraged him to play with children of the same age,” Sirait said. This was the best way to get him off the addiction.

To prevent relapse, he must be housed in a smoke-free environment.

Ardi’s case has now shown women and children in developing countries like Indonesia how aggressively the tobacco industry is with its marketing, where strict regulations are very weak and people are not informed about the devastating damage.

Sirait also said the government offered financial support to Ardi’s parents. Unaware of the dangers of smoking, the parents tried to please their child with cigarettes while toiling in the market all day.

The 2-year-old is said to be back in the village and has missed his father very much, said the Secretary-General.

According to the World Health Organization, cigarette consumption in the Southeast Asian archipelago is said to have increased from around 240 million people in the 1990s to 47 percent.

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