Trump applies for postal vote he is campaigning against

US President Donald Trump applies for a postal vote criticized by him.
He has been campaigning against the postal vote for months because it might endanger his re-election.

He wants to make this type of choice more difficult by all means – and has now applied for it himself.

A good 80 days until the US elections – and the president is preparing: Donald Trump and wife Melania have requested their postal voting documents from their main residence in Florida.

But even though Trump himself has been voting by post for many years, he has been warning against postal votes for weeks:
“Many were sent to the dead, at least two or maybe three or four to dogs, one to a cat. That was in Virginia. Now they want universal postal voting for everyone. This will be the biggest scam in election history.”

As early as 2018, at the last nationwide poll, a quarter of US voters cast their votes by post. There will be many more this year because of the corona pandemic.
The Democrats, therefore, want an additional $ 25 billion for the post, so that they can get the millions of additional letters sent on time.

But Trump doesn’t want it to work: “If we don’t make a deal, then they won’t get the money and then they can’t make universal postal votes either,” said the president in a telephone interview with Fox Business.

Many US states are in the process of converting their voting system to postal voting to avoid long queues at the ballot boxes. But everyone does it differently: In some states, such as Florida, you still have to request postal voting documents. In others, it is automatically sent to every registered voter.

In Oregon, for example, there has been postal voting only for 20 years. And it works well, says Republican Interior Minister Kim Wyman on the NPR radio station. Of 3.2 million votes cast, they found 142 cases of electoral fraud in the last election – because voters in other countries or for family members who have already died had voted “Is it perfect? No. But it is not widespread fraud either”, so Wyman.

The president is also not really afraid of election fraud, claims top Democrat Nancy Pelosi: “The president is afraid of the American people. Because he knows that it will be difficult for him to win. And that’s why he’s building these hurdles for them to participate in the election. “

Trump fears that postal voting will primarily benefit Democrats. There is no evidence for this. According to a recent study by the University of Stanford, the postal voting rate among supporters of both parties is the same.
Republicans also disagree with the president.

Many Republicans also believe that Trump’s resistance to the cash injection is causing great damage to the Post. Mailmen are indispensable and exposed to great risks because of the pandemic, warns Senator Susan Collins from Maine.

The additional $ 25 billion are urgently needed:
“The Post has said that it will no longer be able to pay salaries from the first quarter of next year. This is a very serious matter. That’s why I completely disagree with the President. The Post is essential, especially for a rural state like ours. “

The matter has not yet been decided: The negotiations on a further pandemic aid package in Congress are stalling. And when asked whether he would really veto a legislative package including aid for the Post, Trump said: “No, not at all.”

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