This Man Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga

This man AGWAMBO Raila Odinga …!!

1980-1992. 12 solid years, Jaramogi was under house arrest, Raila is moving between Kamiti and Shimo la Tewa, No Odingaism. The ruling party is KANU whose chairman is Okiki Amayo, from Karachuonyo, the heart of South Nyanza. In Moi’s government Dalmas, Owigo Olang, Ndolo Ayah, Ouko Robert ,Oloo Aringo, Odongo Omamo, Okwanyo Jakatiga, were all ministers. In a cabinet of 17, there were 8 Luos and Oyugi Ogango was a permanent secretary in charge of Internal affairs, more powerful than any minister.

Yes, this time its the same period that cotton industry collapsed and Kikomi was closed. It’s the same period when Sugar fortunes died. All the roads in South Nyanza were in pathetic state. Katito- Homabay, Homabay – Rongo. Rodi- Sori, Homabay-Mbita etc were impassable. In fact the only road in South Nyanza during this period was the single lane from Kisumu through Kisii to Isebania, the A1.

Kenya power closed their regional office in Homabay and moved to Kisii since their was no economic activity in the region. All beaches South of Homabay didn’t have electricity. Fish was rotting during rainy seasons, which is also the bumper period, due to lack of storage and pathetic roads.

Then Raila happened, first with Rainbow then coalition government, 2002-2012. We all know that Katito- Homabay, Homabay- Rongo, Nyamira-Miruka- Sondu, Homabay- Mbita, Rodi- Sori and now A1 were all upgraded during the 10 years. No single beach lacks electricity and now Kenya power offices in Homabay and Migori are functional.

When somebody blames Odinga family for poor leadership, I don’t know what they will say of the characters that dominated luo politics in 1980s. The Luo nation needs better leaders not Raila and Odinga enemies. Raila was and is a blessing to the community, his development record is tangible.

Today courtesy of Raila, the Chepilat -Ikonge road is complete, Kisii- Oyugis highway is being upgraded, Kisii- Isebania through Migori is being upgraded to better!

Kamagambo-Nyamarambe -Etago…

Mogonga-Kenyenya Riokindo…

Keroka-Nyangoso… etc

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