The Risks run by women who wear thongs

Women who wear thongs

There are risks run by women who wear thongs. The thong is the ideal underwear to avoid unsightly marks under tight pants, tight dresses. But is it really harmless? Sometimes too narrow, sometimes badly placed or uncomfortable, are thongs dangerous for health?

The two biggest “risks” when wearing a thong are irritation and infection. According to Dr Jill M Rabin and Shieva Ghofrany, obstetrician-gynecologists, wearing a thong could increase the risk of infection in a person already prone to urinary and vaginal infections.

Indeed, thongs do not let the skin breathe and can cause irritation by friction. In addition, since the thongs are thin, this causes areas of contact between the private parts and the materials of the clothes worn, often retaining moisture.

These underwear can also worsen hemorrhoids already present, due to the friction they cause on intimate areas. Thus, wearing a thong is not dangerous for healthy people, but it is not recommended for women susceptible to infections.

So, women who wear thongs, take care

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