The New BBI Recommendations will send William to political oblivion – No soft landing

William Ruto

The presidency will be determined by electing only two people through universal suffrage, the President and the Deputy President. The position of Prime minister and his two deputies will be filled later in parliament.

To achieve this Raila Odinga has to pick a running mate from Mt Kenya to compete with William Samoei Ruto. With the Raila and Kalonzo vote intact, Uhuru would only be tasked with delivering only 30% of his 2022 vote to make it a sure bet.

Ruto will lose Mt Kenya support, if he picks a running from outside the region. It is whispered that he is crafting an alliance with Hon Musalia W Mudavadi. To checkmate them, Raila would pick a Deputy from Central. If Ruto does not get a Deputy from Mt. Kenya he would get very few votes from the region

Ruto will lose the Mulembe vote to Raila if in 2022 he picked a running mate from Mt Kenya. Raila would use the huge network he still commands to his advantage.

We will adopt a hybrid system of government, a mixture of presidential and parliamentary systems. Kenyans want to elect their boss.

We will have a powerful president and deputy as well as a PM with two deputies. Kenyans should not be denied the chance to elect their president who should remain the Head of State and Government.

That’s exactly what Kenyans want, they want to elect a president of their own. We will retain the Deputy President as the principal assistant to the President and should be the running mate. Prime Minister may be dismissed by the President or through a vote of no confidence in the National Assembly. Th

Prime Minister will have supervision and execution of the day-to-day functions and affairs of the government, being the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly. And on delegation by the President, the PM should chair Cabinet sub-committees.The

PM will be elected by the largest Coalition in the House. The

President will remain both the head of government and State, with a non-executive Prime Minister picked among MPs.

Possible 2022 line ups under the above arrangement.TEAM SUREBET.Powerful President – Raila Odinga.Vice President – GEMATEAM TANGATANGA

Powerful President – William Ruto Deputy President- If picks from Western, he loses the Mt Kenya vote. If he picks from Mt Kenya, Western solidifies behind Raila Odinga.

After Raila/GEMA running mate win in 2022, the following positions will be later shared in parliament amongst; Gideon Moi, Kalonzo Musyoka, and Oparanya. That is; Prime minister. Deputy Prime minister one (1) Deputy Prime minister two (2)Ministerial positions will go to Akina Joho, Mutua, Matiangi et al. I will also demand a position in the 2022 Government.

ONE SHILLING ONE VOTE: The 290 constituencies will be retained but the number of nominated MPs is set to be increased to take care of highly populated constituencies with respect for the one shilling one vote.

NOBODY WILL RISK TEAMING UP WITH RUTO: Those who will lose will go home with RUTO, no soft landing.

By Hn. Weston Wanjohi Code.1

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