The Most Beautiful Women in Africa

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and we have compiled the most beautiful women in Africa. Simply put, beauty is what every individual sees with their eyes. Each individual has their own way of measuring beauty.

So here is for us the ranking of African countries with the most beautiful women, do not hesitate to give us yours in comments.

Ivory coast at 10 of the most beautiful women in Africa
  1. Ivory Coast

I wonder if the shape determines the beauty of a woman? If that’s what you like, the Ivory Coast is the perfect country. Aside from the forms, as Espoir 2000 says so well “Abidjan is the sweetest in the world”.

Senegal women are above Ivory Coast
  1. Senegal

She knows how to take care of a man and she is especially famous for their very gentle cooking. The black beauty is well represented in the country of Youssou Ndour. If you want to marry a pure beauty you should go there someday.

Nigeria women at 8
  1. Nigeria

This African country has so many beautiful, sexy, black girls who will definitely teach you how to speak English. They are magnificent creatures and have a perfect embodiment of charm. He has seen the birth of magnificent, terrifying and angelic beauties. Take the example of Agbani Darego, a beauty so rare that almost any man would want married.

Morocco women at 7


Moroccan girls are beautiful but very selective. They have a strongly racial culture and can be very mean to strangers. They like white men from Europe especially France and Spain.

Somali women at 6
  1. Somalia

They are beautiful believe me, if you ever visit a nightclub in a Somali city, you will be embarrassed to choose a woman among so many others.

Ethiopia women at 5
  1. Ethiopia

Oh my God, Ethiopia – this beautiful country with so many athletes. Once I visited Addis Ababa and believe me this country has beautiful girls too. Even though there was a severe famine in this country, many of the beautiful girls were born to starving parents.

Cape Verde women at 4th
  1. Cape Verde

Cape Verdeans are the most beautiful women in Africa and the world. They have natural beauty, anyone who has crossed their territory will tell you that. They are sublime and magical.

Angola women come 3rd
  1. Angola

This country abounds with so much feminine beauty, we were also offered the Miss Universe in 2011. They are really beautiful.

Guinea women come second
  1. Guinea

This country is full of beauties that can eradicate covid 19 so much that they are magestial, magnificent and holy in spirit. Ah these Guineans are dazzling, magnificent and very educating. If we could identify the number of women with the most beautiful girls, I would vote for her.

Rwanda women take the top spot
  1. Rwanda

If you are the kind of men who love beautiful girls, you should travel to Rwanda. In no time, you will have so many beautiful girls flirting around you. Believe me this country is blessed with beautiful women.

Do you agree with our list of the most beautiful women in Africa?

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