The humiliation of Kalonzo Musyoka was planned at Karen with military precision.

Muthama and Munyaka received money to facilitate hecklers and place them strategically in every corner amongst the mourners for maximum effect when heckling and ulullating.
Speeches were planned. Who to say what.

Sonko was to rouble rouse on propaganda that the Senator was killed and lie to Kalonzo that Raila is backstabbing him. Kuria, with his permanent drunken stupor was to throw a spanner in the works and prop Sonko as the Ukambani Kingpin!
The other speakers would show that Kalonzo was in a Political marriage with people who impeached Sonko.

Ruto, on the other hand, was to play classic hypocrisy. Pretend to be a diplomat while his lapdogs attack and demean Kalonzo… The same trick he uses while undermining the president in Mt. Kenya.

The last straw was for the paid hecklers to leave once Kalonzo Musyoka , who.was destined to be the last speaker, started addressing the gathering. It was supposed to be the icing in the cake in the whole humiliation charade.

I don’t know what Mr. Ruto intends to achieve by undermining political kingpins in their backyards instead of wooing them for a political alliance.
But this modus operandi will boomerang….He will pay a heavy price when the campaign proper for the general election starts.

If these Political kingpins he’s Undermining come together and form a Political alliance, each will camp in his own stronghold and campaign against Mr. Ruto like crazy. And Sugoi will be hopping all over with choppers spreading himself thin, getting Politically fatigue, frustrated, lose steam and eventually lose the Election.

Tangas can go celebrating for these mypopic, short-term Political hubris, but at the end of the election in 2022, they’ll see with their mouths.

By Fuata Nyuki

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