The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Hotline Call Center

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Hotline Call center

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has introduced a hotline call center with a toll-free number-0800 722 203- where people across the Kenyan boundaries will make confidential statements with 100% anonymity.

To guarantee anonymity, the caller’s identity is encrypted to ensure that neither the dialing number nor the details of the caller will be disclosed. The person receiving the call will not ask for any personal details from the informer.

James Duddridge, the Minister for Africa at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in UK Officiated the launch. He informed the gathering that the innovation would provide a platform for Kenyan citizens and guests to notify conceivable crime in action from any region in Kenya.

“We have seen identical hotlines produce notable successes in Britain and elsewhere. We expect this drive will prevail here in Kenya too,” he said.

Conveying positiveness that the call center will be an enormous upgrade to the country’s security system, DCI Director George Kinoti announced that the center would be operational 24/7, with specially skilled and vetted multi-lingual cops of competent customer relations manning the center.

Kinoti said, “This is a facility in which up to 100 people can phone at the same time, but due to the limited capacity, we will currently only be able to take seven calls at the same time. All the calls will be given attention to in real-time.”

The DCI further prompted citizens to provide evidence especially on crimes such as, early and forced child marriages, defilement Gender-Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, sexual exploitation of children; sexual crimes including sexual assault, abuse of the boy-child through sodomy, rape, child cyberbullying online stalking; domestic violence, forced domestic labor and Children servitude; illegal adoption, children trafficking, human Trafficking, including theft of children and conspiracy to steal children in hospitals and at children homes; drug abuse, drug trafficking, terrorism financing, terrorism, known terrorism, known sleeper cells, money laundering, sympathizers; crimes against the public like bribery, corruption, & other transnational organized crimes.

“These are some of the most covert violations due to coercion, culture, give-and-take, anxiety, embarrassment, extortion, stigmatization, ostracism, and other conditions militating against the victims”, Mr. Kinoti added.

The guest of honor was escorted by, among other dignitaries, the British ambassador to Kenya Her Excellency Ms. Jane Marriott.

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