The art of hustling, how Rigathi Gachagua and wife siphoned billions from Nyeri County

Rigathi Gachagua

“When the Late Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua’s health took toll on him, his trustee who was “running” the county on his behalf decided it was his time for monkey business.
Between June 2014 and March 2020 the county kitty experienced unprecedented cash flight in billions to bank accounts belonging to individuals and companies.

We are talking of cash deposits, transfers and withdrawals of up to 5.7 B. Nyeri County annual budget is 4.6B.
The individuals and companies were as follows:

  1. Encarter Diagnostic Limited
  2. Rapid Medical Supplies Limited
  3. Skytop Agencies
  4. Jenne Enterprises Limited
  5. Wamunyoro investment limited
    • Rigathi Gachagua (ID No. 6091105)
    • Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi ( ID No. 7276682)
  6. Machine centre limited
  7. Technical supplies limited
  8. Directors
    • Rigathi Gachagua
    • Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi
  9. Karandi farm limited
    • Rigathi GachaguaaccountsRigatoni
    • Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi
  10. Rigathi Gachagua & Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi Joint
    KRA PIN A001120140M
    A/C No. 0012010006030
    Rafiki Microfinance Bank, Tom Mboya Street Branch.
    Woman loses Sh. 50 million Nairobi house she sold but never got paid
    In June 2015, Encartar Diagnostics Limited in Conjunction with Rapid Medical Supplies Limited was awarded a tender to supply Nyeri Provincial hospital with ten dialysis machines, Water treatment system and sanitary towels, a tender worth Kes.247,022,084.
    Rapid Medical supplies in their account 001202001158 domiciled at Rafiki Microfinance Bank, Tom Mboya Branch received transfers totaling Kes. 47,022,084. 20 from Nyeri county Government. Interestingly the funds were utilized as follows;
    • cash withdrawals – Kes 12,804,000.00
    • transfers to Rigathi Gachagua account A/C 0012010006030 domiciled at the same bank- Kes. 26,617,139.18
    • wire transfer to Philips Limited totaling Kes. 23,449,925.70.
    Any bank transaction as per CBK guidelines is supposed to be invoiced and explained. The transfers to Rigathi and Philips Limited were unexplained, no justification for transfer, no invoicing.
    What was Rapid Medical Supplies paying to Rigathi? Your guess is correct.
    Encartar Diagnostics Limited received from Nyeri county Kes. 165,000, 000 on their Account A/C No. 0012070000198 at Rafiki MFI Tom Mboya Branch and Kes. 35,000,000.
    The funds were utilized as follow;
    • Outgoing RTGS to Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi- Kes 12,950,500.00
    • Outgoing Transfer to Toyota Kenya & Taitan Motolink – Kes9,000,000.00
    • Cash Withdrawals – 87,321,955.00
    There was no justifications for the transfers. What was Encartar Diagnostics paying to Rigathi’s wife Pastor Dorcas? Tithe, offering? Your guess? It is correct. The transfers to Toyota Kenya and Taitan Motolink bought two vehicles which were registered to Rigathi Gachagua, Logbooks on the photos below.
    Still in Nyeri county, in another intricate web of money transfers orchestrated by the RIGATHI CARTEL destined to launder and loot public funds from Nyeri county, Stecol Corporation in conjunction with Skytop Agencies in June 2019 participated in bidding for road construction worth 3Billion in Nyeri County and won.
    Part of the payment was made to Skytop agencies account A/C No. 0350165078925 domiciled at Equity Bank KNUT house branch.
    The funds were utilized as follows;
    • Cash withdrawals – Kes. 38, 124,500.00
    • Transfers to Machine Center Ltd, Technical Supplies and Services Limited, Wamunyoro Investments Limited and Karandi Farm Limited – 92, 792,000.00
    This transactions were made with zero justifications or invoicing. What was skytop paying to Rigathi group companies? The funds were later utilized from the companies’ account as cash transfers to personal accounts and huge unjustified cash withdrawals.
    Between February 2017 and May 2019 WAMUNYORO INVESTMENTS LIMITED and MACHINE CENTER LIMITED joint venture bank account A/C 0180267522197 at Equity bank whose principal signatories are;
    Rigathi Gachagua MP mathira and William Wahome Mwangi Mathira Constituency CDF Chairman and former Tana Water Development Board chair had received unjustified and uninvoiced transfers totaling Kes.721,533,406.

By Wahome Thuku

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