Tangatanga leaders face wrath of voters for non performance

Residents of Bomet East constituency this week displayed their displeasure with their MP Beatrice Kones and other elected leaders over their poor performance. 

To drive their message home, the locals put up a signpost with a list of their grievances and cemented it to the ground in Longisa Ward. The signpost read, “Welcome to the marginalized community where basic amenities are a luxury, No electricity, no access roads and no water.”

Residents said the signage was meant to shame thevleaders for non-performance. They explained that they have to be innovative because the government imposed stringent measures on social distance due to COVID-19.

Longish does not have any feeder road, power connectivity, or water lines and voters feel neglect by the leadership. 

The leader used the police to pull down the signpost on Monday evening but it had already circulated on social media.

 Kamlesh residents in the same constituency noted that the situation was worse in their area where they are forced to survive without water and electricity.

The unhappy voters stated that they would erect another sign in the area to get their representatives’ attention.

Calls Beatrice Kones for comment went unanswered. Sotik, Bomet and Chepalungu, were hard hit by floods in April which left more than 120 families rendered homeless.

 Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok, in 2019 said that the County had spent Ksh1.1 billion in the construction of roads and bridges in Bomet East, Bomet Central, Sotik, Konoin, and Chepalungu sub-counties.

The Governor said the figure was used to construct 724 km of road network.

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