Tangatanga a case of a bitter ex

Ten years ago when I was 14, my desk mate gifted me a magazine his father had bought in the US, “The Elite Daily”, a collection of more than 40 short stories which had been written by different authors.

As an avid reader, I devoured each story. But one story awed me, a short excerpt by Michelle Burnwell. The title of the short piece was “Why a girl turns so cold after experiencing heartbreak”.

To quickly give you the gist of that story, Audrey was an ordinary girl who was willing to trust, willing to love, willing to open up to people, but one day there came a heartbreak. The girl Audrey who was once capable of love and feelings became iced with spite and fierce resentment. The finished product was a heartless girl who took on everyone she came across.

She was unable to let people into her life and the few she let in were her kind: cold-hearted and full of filth. She kept on blaming the ex-boyfriend but everybody knew it was all her fault.

Yesterday, when going about my routine, I spotted the story online and scanned it through all over again. This time it was even more interesting and relatable to the things that I espy and experience on a daily basis, especially on the political scene. Even before giving it a second thought, I realized Ruto is the girl, Audrey.

Before 2018, William was a man easy to trust and love, but after Handshake, this man became easy to hate because of how spiteful he had become.
He gathered a battalion of bitter, toxic sycophants who taught him to hate his ex (Uhuru).

The toxic males were granted permission to shout to the top of the roofs that Uhuru Kenyatta was the bad guy here whereas we all knew that Ruto was the evil man. His ambition and greed for power resulted in a premature end of the relationship.

William betrayed the course and started playing with the lives of Kenyans who were hungry for maendeleo and Kazi.

When he realized that the main man Uhuru Kenyatta was on course and not giving up, William Ruto started playing the victim and appealing to public sympathy. That too didn’t work. He went ahead to informally relinquish his duties and intentionally miss out on main events, thinking that maybe Uhuru would reach out. It didn’t work out.

Our country is still in motion because the ambition of one man cannot stall a moving train.

Kazi kwanza!

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