Charles Nyachae is a Dynasty

Beyond the irony of the fact that Charles Nyachae is a ‘dynasty’ as they come, this is a far more interesting matchup than most folks realize. Yes, the Nyachaes may have never forgiven Raila and moved on from the ‘betrayal’ of 2002 when the latter bolted from a deal they had with Charles’ dad Simeon. … Read more


Sections of the media have in the recent days reported that leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto are spoiling for a fight with leaders loyal to President Uhuru and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The said leaders have specifically indicated that they’ll be fighting their counterparts in and out of Parliament. They claim to have … Read more

Hon William Ruto, My confessions

By Wafula Buke Like Hon Waluke I have encountered Hon Ruto in my political life as a junior operative. Years to come I will be tried by history for this association. I will be dead then. Here are some facts about my financial history with the DP. In 2005 during the referendum. The Orange team … Read more

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