Sonko: Why I wore Donald Trump’s praises

With merely hours to go before the United States Presidential elections slated for Tuesday 3rd, Kenya and the world is keenly following unfolding events even as fears of more Covid – 19 cases continue to rise. With the polls showing a close tie between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden in different states, their camps are working around the clock to sensitize voters on their choices.
Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko however took to his social media account posting a video of former President Barack Obama on phone convincing a young mother to get out and vote for Biden. it was his caption however that got social media talking. Sonko’s caption was appealing to voters to “‘vote for his mentor President Trump and the mockery began with many attacking his stand.

While the majority said Biden would emerge victorious others hung on with Donald Trump. Just weeks ago, the Governor wore a Donald Trump branded tee shirt at a public function. “There are so many bad things that are affecting our country that sometimes you hate being Kenyan. I’m wearing an American T-shirt because when you think of all the political dictatorships in this country, you lose the pride and feel like relocating,” he said.

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