Sonko Rejects BBI Proposal

Sonko reject BBI Proposal

Nairobi’s Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on Sunday afternoon visited the sprawling Kaloleni slums where affected families had their structures demolished.

The Governor was accorded a warm reception with hundreds of youths from the area in tow chanting the now famous slogan ka’Nairo Govana ni mjamo, Kabumba,’’ (There’s only one Governor in Nairobi)

Sonko in the slums

The Governor said it was unconstitutional and against policies set by the International criminal Court policy of demolishing inhabited homes during the when corona virus cases are on the rise as it exposes many to risks associated with the pandemic.

While addressing the mammoth crowd that had gathered, Sonko threatened to write a letter to ICC to halt such evictions as they would spread through the city.

The residents complained of having their structures demolished to pave way for urban units without notice or a compensation plan which has cost them huge losses. “They demolished my business. I have nothing left,” said an elderly lady desperately staring at her flattened structure.

In a political twist, the Governor urged the local mwananchi to reject the proposed Building Bridge Initiative report saying it had not catered for the needs of the local mwananchi.

He urged the youth to read and ensure that their requirements are catered for. “It needs to respect the youth and common mwananchi ad not benefit leaders with selfish interests.”

Sonko promised to help with relocating the evicted families and made essential donations to the affected families before later being escorted on foot by the elated youth.

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