Sonko, “I Came From The Bottom To The Top”

I came from the bottom to the top

I came from the bottom to the top, that’s why they picked on me and said I’m not fit for office. – Sonko.
Speaking during the burial of Mutula Kilonzo jnr’s uncle, James Ngui Ndambuki, Sonko revealed the dirty tricks by the deep state to punish those opposed to their demands.

“Wanatutumia kama karatasi ya choo. (They use divisive politics to fight the Kamba nation,” he said. While highlighting that he knows all the strategies used to divide a nation to their advantage, Sonko hinted that theirs a planned scheme to fund multiple Kamba leaders so as to split their votes for the top office.

“I know they’ll find Governor Ngilu, they’ll fund Governor Kivutha and other Kamba leaders so that they split our votes while they go to the poll as a block,” he revealed. In his traditional fierce and bold style, the ex Governor urged the Kamba nation to unite as one. “Mutula jnr’s abstained from voting but I know he was aware that the head of state would call to intimidate him,” he alleged amidst cheers.

“There’s a family that is immune to arrest and they’re protected. They sacrificed my seat so that they can drain off the billions of shillings at stake. Why do we have 14 billion set aside for BBI yet we can’t have safety for our people to fight the pandemic,” he lamented maintaining that he’s respectful to the President despite the threats to jail him or even assassinate him.

“I will support Dr Ruto’s candidacy and God willing we’ll have him as our next President but I urge all leaders including the President to respect the constitution and it’s mandate,” he said. Sonko further indicated sensitive issues of how National funds are being diverted to benefit one family. Earlier on, Sonko leaked an audio recording where he alleged that the President’s sister was heard trying to persuade him to nominate a particular candidate over his choice of Ann Kananu.

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