Shix Kapienga and Syombua Osiany Fired by Royal Media Services as Jalang’o Gets 6 Lucrative Offers

Shix Kapienga who is MC Jessy's girlfriend

Barely a week after the Kenyatta family-owned  Mediamax Limited declared redundant its entire newsroom staff, the Royal Media Services (RMS) has fired Shix Kapienga and Syombua Osiany among other top journalists and presenters.

Syombua Osiany, wife to politician David Osiany

Six Kapienga, who is dating MC Jessy and was the host of Drop Zone on Hot 96 FM at 7 p. m to 10 p. m from  Monday to Thursday has been sent home. Symbol Osiany the host of  Pambazuka on Radio Citizen from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. was not spared either.
The purge in Royal Media Services is to extend to other departments. Two other high profile presenters will also face the sack.

Among the employees in the radio department who have been laid off are radio presenters John Maloba, Nancy Wanjiku Karanja who is popularly known as Six Kapienga, Syombua Osiany, and Himenigilder Mugen.

Employees in other departments are expected to learn of their fate within the course of the week, with early reports indicating that two highly placed TV presenters are already facing the sack.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the country early this year has hit media house hard and they have been forced to announce salary cuts for their staff. The staff have been subjected to compulsory pay cuts of between 20% and 50% depending on their rank.
Last November, Mediamax laid off 160 employees and on Sunday another 100 were notified of they were redundant, with most of the departments clearing their staff. Journalists from TV 47 and Switch TV have contracted to take the place of the sacked employees.

Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o left the Milele FM stable which is owned by Mediamax. Jango, on Monday night on social media, made the announcement to his fans on social media and claimed he was leaving because of a contractual dispute with his employer.

About a  month ago it was alleged that Jalang’o and Betty Kyalo led their comrades in suing Royal Media Services over the proposed pay cuts.
The two celebrity presenters, have both  quit the troubled media house and ventured into YouTube.

Jalang’o has stated that he has got over six lucrative offers and he is contemplating his next move as he builds his brand on youtube

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