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The ongoing debate in the Senate about the adoption of a revenue sharing formula has laid bare the incompetence by Siaya Senator George Orengo in the execution of his duties as Minority Leader

Let me go back to history. Senator Orengo assumed the position of Senate Minority Leader upon the unceremonious replacement by him of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula. I vividly recall that the weekend prior to his assuming office, he was in Siaya at a church function where he bragged that starting the following week he would be enjoying more privileges including being driven in a government vehicle with additional bodyguards. This got me asking a lot of questions about him being ready for the post. Was he driven by the will to serve Kenyans and ODM or was he driving by largese and the new privileges

Back to the story, Senator Orengo has performed dismally and pathetically as Minority Leader. Though he contributes to debates (he’s a good debater) he’s yet to bring any substantive motion from the Minority side of the Senate.

He has failed to show leadership in this matter. The other day he was lamenting in the Senate that if President Uhuru had been in the Senate then Senators would have reached a consensus and the matter would have been settled.

This is laughable coming from a man who’s not only the MINORITY Leader but also a man who doesn’t come from the President’s party. Does Orengo want Uhuru to whip Minority MPs? Does he want Uhuru to take up his job as Minority Leader

In the present situation on revenue allocation, Senator Orengo seems lost between going by the whims of the Executive and serving the people thereby protecting devolution. For a man who takes pride in having made enormous contribution and sacrifice to ensure we got a new Constitution with devolution as its main pillar this is disheartening.

To Senator Orengo, if you can’t handle this job then give it up. There are competent men and women in the Senate who can do the job. Maybe it’s the cars and additional security that are exciting you rather than the job!

By Antony Oyugi

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