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Ruto Holding Uhuru By The Balls

Ruto maybe holding Uhuru by the balls

It’s an open secret that the marriage between DP William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta is on the rocks if not over. But is Ruto holding Uhuru by the balls?

They’ve been working at cross purpose and seem to differ in nearly everything. The DP no longer attends Cabinet meetings. When a relationship gets to this level then the options available are generally three. You can either reconcile, be kicked out, or opt-out.

William Ruto doesn’t seem keen on reconciliation and neither is Uhuru seem keen to kick him out and this has been confirmed by Prime Minister David Murathe. Most Kenyans believe Ruto is holding Uhuru by the balls and that is why he has been unable to sack him.

Why is Uhuru not keen on kicking out Ruto? What does he fear? The answers to this question are both political and social. The political answer is about the political implication of impeaching Uhuru.

In as much as we see Uhuru as safe with Prime Minister Raila on his side, there’s no guarantee that their relationship will last especially since there’s no written agreement and commitment on their relationship. They’re basically cohabiting.

Come we stay. Either of them can end the relationship at any time without running around courts and offices. The lack of guarantee is likely the reason why ODM will wait for inclusion in the Cabinet until the cows come back home.

This is unlike the Uhuru Ruto relationship which is sealed by something called Jubilee Party. Neither can kick out the other by the snap of a finger. There’s a certain degree of security in this marriage albeit the current differences.

The social answer to the questions is about the relationship between Ruto and Uhuru at a personal level. They were in the same campaign team in 2002, 2013, and 2017.

In the last two cases, Ruto was the running mate. Running mates aren’t picked from the streets. You must be comfortable with one because you’ll share secrets. You’ll open up to each other sharing both political and social secrets.

You’ll talk about your families and they’ll actually become friends and at times confidants. In addition to the three campaigns, the duo also shares the Hague experience. That’s something very deep. We don’t know what they did to be left off the hook. We don’t know who confessed what to the other.

In Uhuru’s first term it’s alleged that Ruto stole public assets and funds. Though in very few instances is there evidence the question stands on why Uhuru didn’t act. Was it for political reasons or personal interest in terms of “Let’s steal”? Could it be that the duo agreed to loot? Is it possible that Ruto knows what Uhuru has stolen

All said and done Uhuru may find it tricky handling Ruto. Secrets!

By Antony Oyugi

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