Ruto and Muranga Chaos

Ruto and Muranga Chaos

We wish to take this opportunity to condemn, in very strong terms, the violence meted out on the people of Muranga yesterday, at Kenol in particular, by hired goons supposedly so that Deputy President could conduct a harambee for a church in the area.

Our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones in that unnecessary act of violence executed in the name of the Deputy President.
We wish quick recovery to the injured.

Fellow Kenyans, for some time now, we have been telling You that William Ruto is too angry, too bitter and too entitled to be the President of this country unless we want to destroy Kenya and let it go the direction of other countries we know in Africa.

We have been saying that Ruto feels that Kenyans, President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, the people of Central Kenya, the people of Nyanza and Kenyans who happen to be richer than him owe him the presidency.

Time and again, we have warned that a presidential pursuit branded as a debt owed to an individual, the way Ruto feels, is an extremely dangerous adventure and Ruto will destroy this country with this narrative whether he gets the Presidency or not.

We have consistently warned that Ruto is a violent man who thrives is creating divisions between communities and ethnic groups, between religions and between social classes.
What happened in Muranga yesterday is a new confirmation that Ruto believes it is either him or nothing. Ruto is pursuing a scorched earth policy against our beautiful country and its people.

I a m talking of a new confirmation because it is not the first time Ruto is resorting to violence and it won’t be the last.
Ruto is not interested in empowering anybody or any institution. He is only interested in turning himself into some graven image, a calf to be worshipped instead of the real God.

He is a false saviour. He is interested in bribing his way into power. That is why the church harambees are being conducted in other parts of the country and not in the Rift Valley.
That is why the distribution of wheelbarrows is only targeting Nairobi, Central Kenya and Nyanza.

It is a tool for showing the low opinion in which he holds those regions and his belief that he can corrupt his way into power.
If it is a matter of building churches, the Kiambaa Church that was burnt in 2007 in the outskirts of Ruto’s village, remains in ruins about 15 years later. Ruto has not seen the need to rebuild Kiambaa Church because he hates the people who used to worship there because of their tribe even when those people are long dead. Ruto’s dark heart allows him to hold grudges even against the dead.

Ruto keeps telling Kenyans how he went to school barefoot. The truth is, 99 per cent of Kenyans went to school bare foot. It is not a reason for one to feel entitled to president and it is not a reason for one to be bitter and violent. At least this country, with its foundation laid by Jomo Kenyatta, Oginga Odinga, Daniel arap Moi, among others, afforded Ruto a chance to go to school. Millions of Ruto’s age mates never had that chance even to go school barefoot. We expect gratitude not the bitterness we are seeing.

But Ruto wears his poor upbringing, which is not any different from that of 99 per cent of Kenyans, as a reason he should be president, as right for him to be angry, abusive and corrupt.
As a country, we must wake up and see Ruto for whom he is . Ruto is bitter. Ruto is angry.

Ruto is entitled and Ruto is vengeful. In other words, Ruto is an extremely dangerous man.
I can bet that Ruto has prepared a secret list of people and businesses he will destroy within the first 100 days should he ever ascend to the presidency, God forbid.
Ruto must be stopped now before he destroys Kenya.
Thank You.

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