Besides the Covid-19 shocker, Kenyans have also been treated to political hubbub in the year 2020. It is the year that Kenyans have had to stomach political mediocrity from the likes of Oscar Sudi, Ndindi Nyoro, Kipchumba Murkomen and Kimani Ichung’wa, among others. These ones have been clutching on anti-government rhetoric hoping to reap political bonga points from it ahead of 2022.

That aside, this is the year that Deputy President William Ruto redefined the name hustler. According to the Oxford Dictionary (you can Google this), a hustler is a person who tries to trick somebody into giving them money. The other definition provided says a hustler is a prostitute…well, well, well.

But for purposes of this article, we stick to the Kenyan definition. In our Kenyan context, a hustler is a person who is struggling to eke out a living. Odd jobs, casual jobs, you get the drift.
So, fit this description to one William Ruto. The DP has been yelling to anyone who cares to listen how he is a real hustler! This has even left us re-evaluating our social status. If the DP is a hustler, then some of us are not just poor, we belong in the streets.
You see, it’s hard to convince anyone that a man who owns, not one, but three choppers is a hustler. Some of us who would want to believe this have no idea of how the inside of a chopper looks like, let alone how an airport looks like.

In our basic understanding, hustlers live in low-end estates; some in single rooms where they even share toilets. To them the idea of a house with a lounge, en-suite bedrooms, and whatnot is surreal. Swimming pools? The slightest idea they have of this is the dufo mpararo thrills in dams.

But our hustler William has two (publicly known) mega houses—one in Karen and the other in Sugoi. The Sugoi home cost in excess of a billion to build. Your ordinary hustler commutes using matatu and boda boda. A car is luxury to them. See, some walk from Kibra, Mathare and Mukuru to their work places in Industrial Area where they are casuals. On the other hand, Hustler Extraordinaire WSR rides in the latest top-of-the-range machines, his newest being a Lexus SUV.

Trust me, this confuses me as much as it does you.

What kind of a hustler is this who owns a ranch in Taita Taveta (the Koilel farm). And guess what? The ranch has more than 3,000 cows (stolen from poor farmers in West-Pokot). If Ruto is a hustler, who is Maina who has only one cow, which feeds his entire family? As they say, witchcraft is real.
In short, being a hustler means struggle. Strain. Toiling. It means having nothing and living from hand to mouth. Ruto is nothing near this.
The real hustlers should stand up to be counted and call Ruto’s bluff.

It is what it is.


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