Role Of Political Parties, In The Fight Against Corruption

Role of Political Parties in the fight against corruption

Political Parties have a role in fight against corruption. They are ubiquitous in political systems and are central in modern democracies and have a role in the fight against corruption.

Parties should be the foundation of pluralist political society and ought to ensure informed and participatory electorate. A responsibility that is more often than not abdicated for cartel political parties with mastered art of populism, brainwashing of unsuspecting credulous compact majority and political conmanship.

Some politicians after capturing power resort to swindling public resources at the face of unprecedented unemployment, poor road network, pathetic healthcare, and general hopelessness, just to mention but a few.

Parties are the central participants in elections to the extent that they are responsible for both the candidates and issues that forms basis of the choices the voters make. In other words, the political parties to a large have a say in who becomes what in any election. It is suffice to say that our leaders are as good as our political parties.

The ODM Party for instance subscribes to certain ideals, ideologies, and positions as set out in the party’s constitution, mission and objectives. The party in particular subscribes to social justice, poverty alleviation and a key crusader of the implementation of the constitution of Kenya especially chapter six, integrity act and other relevant laws which seeks to end the run away corruption at all level of governments.

It is on this basis that the party has recommended the ouster of Migori Governor after ample empirical evidence established that the governor through a well orchestrated scheme, swindled tax payers money and therefore fails the integrity test.
ODM Party cannot be a sanctuary that harbors thieves.

Obado must be a painful lesson for the political class who have abdicated the public interests and resorted to embezzlement and political corruption.

The war against corruption and economic sabotage will only be won if political parties take their roles including recalling of their members engaged in corruption

By Vickery Omwandho

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