Residents of a Russian City Fight “Lovers of Loud Sex”

Residents of a Russian city decided to fight "lovers of loud sex"

In the city of Bryansk, residents of an apartment building decided to fight their neighbors, who were nicknamed “lovers of loud sex.” An announcement was placed in the elevator addressed to noisy residents. They have become known as the “Typical Bryansk” community on VKontakte.

The announcement was posted in a residential building on Stanke Dimitrov Avenue. It noted that loud screams and groans from apartment 99 interfered with sleep in the left wing of the building. ÔÇťAdults stutter! Children cry bitterly! And animals howl at the moon! Take care of our psyche! ” – the authors wrote.

Dissatisfied tenants reminded lovers of loud sex that the that a law on silence is in force in the Bryansk region. The law prohibits making noise from 23:00 to 6:00. If the rules are not followed, violators may be fined. The announcement also noted that if the behavior of neighbors does not change, the apartment owners will contact the police.

In March 2019, a similar situation occurred in the town of Novoye Domodedovo near Moscow. Then the young couple literally terrorized their neighbors, as they entered into intimate relationships in the apartment, entrance and on the street. The residents of the house were unhappy, as they were worried that children were watching what was happening, and what they saw could affect their mental health.

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