Reasons Why ODM Lost In Msambweni

Reasons why ODM lost in Msambweni

The following are the reasons why ODM lost in Msambweni. ODM should to start with stop hawking certificates to the highest bidder. You have to wonder if this is the reason they don’t mind being rigged out in every election because rigging starts at the party

ODM’s Last Minute Blunder that costed them election lose in Msambweni by-election
“Kwale senator Issa Boy wanted the Msambweni ODM ticket given to Feisal Bader Abdallah, a nephew of the late MP Suleiman Dori.
On the other hand, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho fronted Omar Boga, who contested for the seat in the last general election as an independent candidate and was runners-up.
Yet another ODM camp was pushing for Nicholas Zani, a party insider who was Raila’s chief agent and campaigner in the last general elections.”
Conflicting interests from elected party leaders in Kwale county and Mombasa who had fronted different candidates resulted to Feisal’s landslide win.


  1. There may have been more money than usual. Money in odm ocassions elbowing of the best from the theatre of action. With limited cash, the evil keep off while the most talented and committed take charge producing good results.
  2. Those in office always live in fear of better people outside of power getting a chance to shine and emerge as alternatives. Ask my by elections partner “Rateng” Mboya from suba land. | rigged him in twice against everybody’s approval.
  3. Intelligence. Odm may have had false Intelligence. There is a kill in being an intelligence chief. | experienced it often and exposed it to Oduor to talk to them.
  4. Raila is most vulnerable when in power. Con men ring him up while the most honest sink in oblivion. That’s where he is now. That’s how we get wrong candidates and wrong strategies on which to base campaigns.
  5. Raila’s charisma and power often disables the spines of his workmates. He has too many “ndio baba” men and women who fear upsetting him. He often relies on junior contacts; drivers, sweepers, manambas etc. | have had numerous exchanges with him about obvious issues the rest can’t tell him.
  6. Oduor Ongwen has no “operations” brain while Edwin Sifuna lacks ears. One time | pleaded with Dr David Ndiii to advice

Sifuna. His reply was “let’s just say odm made a mistake” what do we expect with men of this kind at the helm of a campaign?

  1. ODM is still branding itself since the shift in ideology. We have not explained how partnership with land grabbers thru BBI will settle the coastal land issues and historical injustices. MUSAMBWENI can’t trust us.
  2. | don’t think there was sufficient coordination on the ground. Odm has critical shortage of this kind of labour in its warehouse. We are more blessed with propagandists.
  3. YOU CANT ENGAGE WILLIAM RUTO WITH MEN AND WOMEN WHO LOVE MONEY. He listened to all conspiracies, and got the services of all jukebox odm men.
  4. Quite often, the Raila Magic turns things to our favour. This has created a culture of celebration during campaigns rather than working hard. MBELE NI KUBAYA!

Other reasons are, It is dificult to beat a sitting governor unless he is stupid. A governor has resources, allocates them as well as tenders. He therefore has mobilizers in the people he employs as well as those he has given business. The win in Msambweni had more to do with Mvurya than Ruto

A campaign cannot be led by outsiders as happened in Msambweni. The ODM brigade was led by Joho and Mishi who are not considered Mijikenda. It is like a person from Muranga leading campaigns in Nyeri

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