Raila vs Ruto, Who Has The Best Interests For Mt. Kenya?

Raila vs Ruto, Who Has The Best Interests For Mt. Kenya?

Through the BBI, Raila Odinga Is offering the Kikuyu Community peace for their businesses to thrive.
Kikuyus are ussually the most affected when skirmishes affect the country. That’s because they have invested all over the country. Expanded Executive and Increased allocation of devolution resources will dimistify the presidency. Every Region will be getting it’s fair share of resources hence tensions will be reduced.

Kikuyus are hated because of the perceived monopoly of state power since independence save for the 24 years that Moi was the president. Expanding the executive and sending more money to counties will reduce all these tensions and hate.

Raila Odinga is Campaigning for an extra 17 Constituencies in Mt. Kenya Region. Forget about the additional MPs. 17 extra Constituencies means an ksh.1.7B in CDF funds in the Mountain. This money will improve school infrastructure in the region and bursary disbursement.

Raila Odinga is Campaigning for National Government to be sending atleast 35% of National Revenue to Counties. The parameter on population has been enhanced hence counties in the Mountain will receive improved allocations. A county like Kiambu will be receiving almost ksh.25B. This will fastrack the Economy of this country.

Raila Odinga is Campaigning for Ward Development Fund (WDF) where each ward in the country will be receiving atleast ksh.20M specifically to improve infrastructure in the wards. Rural roads, boreholes and small bridges will be improved.

Expanded Executive means that even the GEMA Community misses the presidency in the next 30 years, atleast one of their own may have a chance of occupying the PM’s post. Hence the Region will not feel excluded at the top of the country’s leadership for long

On the other hand, William Ruto is Campaigning hard, hoodwinking graduate Kikuyu youths with two-wheeler contraption, telling them that they are only good as Wheelbarrow pushers!

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