Raila Odinga's position on revenue allocation

The original report by the Commission for Revenue Allocation on the Third Basis for revenue sharing for the next five financial years has been amended many times. The original CRA report is not one of those on the table in the Senate.

The Senate has been going through several variations of the CRA report, developed by individual Senators and the Senate Committee on Finance.

Seven times, the Senate has failed to agree on any of the versions members have developed.

There are indication that More versions could still up. In this regard, media reports indicating that H.E Raila Odinga has withdrawn his support for the CRA formula are grossly inaccurate and misleading.

These reports are trying to oversimplify an extremely complex stalemate that Mr Odinga is trying to help the country navigate. Mr Odinga cannot withdraw support for a document that is not under consideration by the Senate.

Instead, he is encouraging senators to overcome their extreme positions and come up with a middle ground document that all can agree on so that the country can move forward.

Dennis Onyango
August 6th 2020.

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