Raila Odinga hangers-on

Raila Odinga

The main reason these so called allies are pushing for a 2022 bid is because their political lives depend on it. If Raila Amollo doesn’t vie for President then most of these guys will flop at whatever level they vie.

They always depend on Railamania which they use to dupe the naive. Ati ‘gochna adhi konyo Baba malo’
The sad part is that it’s this club that’s always left incharge of the Raila campaign. When left with this task they go on a selling spree.

They even sell campaign merchandise that’s why we always have less merchandise on the ground than our competitors.

IF Raila is serious about vying in 2022, he needs to find a way of dealing with these guys. He needs to listen to candid and honest opinions from the likes of Joho. Not these clique that thinks they own him

Thanks to intense lobbying by our Western neighbors the government has written off debts owed by sugarcane farmers. Meanwhile, Nyanza politicians, you can continue saying you’re in government because Uhuru and Baba rode in a probox

By Antony Oyugi

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