Raila and Kenyatta are Not Dynasties – Farah Maalim

Farah Maalim on dynasties

Jaramogi went to school barefoot. Both Oburu and Raila had poor rough early lives and were not dynasties. Jomo Kenyatta started life as a carpenter and later as a meter reader earning less than shs 40 a month. Uhuru’s older sister was born when his father was a detainee.

The differences between the life Journeys of William Ruto and so-called Dynasties is the that Ruto started life richer, freer, younger and with better opportunities than Kenyatta or Jaramogi thanks to Moi holding Ruto’s hands. Ruto was the youngest minister in Moi’s last term while Uhuru a nominated backbencher. As a matter of fact, Gideon Moi has never been in any cabinet.

Actually, it’s Ruto’s children who were born into opulence and power. Truth be told in the nineties Raila was poor weighed down by Spectre debts. Ida Odinga supported her family with a teacher’s salary while Raila was in detention. In 1993 Jaramogi had to accept the ignominy of accepting a donation of Kshs 2.4m from Kamlesh Patni to finance the Party’s candidate in a Kisii by-election. The only person in the leadership of FORD K in 1993 who could be classified as wealthy was Hon. Paul Muite.

In 1993 Ruto was a wealthy young man & he has never looked back since. I have no problem with programs/issues/visions based political contestations but the so-called dynasty – hustler narrative is fake and packed with fraudulence. Kenya deserves better than this pedestrian con game.

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