PROSAK launch hodihodi App that can detect coronavirus and help with contact tracing.

Prosak launch Hodi hodi app

Private Security Association and TownConnect launch HodiHodi App to manage visitors’ entry and exit in homes and businesses with capabilities of coronavirus screening and tracing capabilities.

Nairobi Kenya, Monday 9th November 2020 The Kenya Private Security Association, in partnership with TownConnect have today launched HodiHodi App, a Private Security Visitor Management app (equivalent of the online occurrence book) and associated Coronavirus screening and tracing capabilities Application.

HodiHodi is a visitor management solution product which has been created by TownConnect to manage visitor entry and exit in homes and offices. The solution is enabled by an eco-system of mobile Apps for residents, guards and field fleet teams to execute tasks which are all centrally connected via a cloud based dashboard.

Speaking during the launch, Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK) Chairperson Cosmas Mutava said the App comes at an opportune moment when the second wave of COVID-19 has hit the country, endangering the workers, including guards, who have had to double their guarding roles and COVID-19 screening.

“HodiHodi App will reduce physical touch of Identity cards, books and writing items and also aid in identifying the entrants of buildings with temperatures above normal range and assisting them seek medical assistance. The App will also assist in crime reporting.

About Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK)
PROSAK is the first ever Professional Security & Safety Association in Kenya and the East Africa Region that develops and enhances the practice of security and safety as a professional career by the providing security and safety management programs and exchange of information for PROSAK Members.

About HodiHodi App solutions
Prepared by Town Connect, HodiHodi App contains the following;
● Private security digital occurrence book – capture of ID photo, phone numbers, facial photos, car plates all stored in the cloud. This become critical items of evidence incase anything happens that needs to be referenced to. Guards cannot access this data only admin can from the dashboard.
● Adherence to Covid 19 protocols – Due to Covid and its inherent challenges guards and public will have no physical touch of ID, books or writing items
● Covid screening by allowing in only persons found to be within normal temperature range
● Symptomatic capture and report of persons suspected to be Covid positive
● SOS calls for quick response by guards in each community
● E – Intercom feature ensures guards and residents can raise each other at moment notice.
● Crime and incident reporting which helps police in evidence reference when an incident happens

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