Rape allegations of young girls raped

I will barely put up with politicians stealing our billions and wearing Sh 200k shirts while millions of Kenyans are going hungry because of joblessness due to COVID. There are also allegations of young girls being raped in Mombasa.

I can just tolerate hiring planes to show off visiting party leaders in Dubai while villagers don’t have bus fares to visit their sick and ailing relatives in hospitals. Galavanting around the world adds no value. Mombasa people deserve what they chose.

But I cannot accept is to hear tales of young girls, innocent underaged schoolgirls, being lured by pimps for those with filthy lucre to defile them.
Islamic Sharia calls for such offenders to be executed. Law enforcers must probe these allegations of young girls being raped.

Spoiling girls who are still chaste is one of the seven capital sins Allah does not forgive.

Last night I heard a series of four or five audio clips from a woman who said she is now back in London with her 16-year-old daughter who had been entrapped and then raped by fun-loving politicians with immense wealth and protection.

Let this woman swear an affidavit and give it to the Kenya High Commission in London to forward it to Nairobi for investigation. This is not a matter of social media.

Among Somali pastoralists, raping a chaste girl instantly results in clan wars with heavy casualties. Mombasa people should draw the line and tell the politicians they will not allow their daughters to be plundered alongside their wealth as well.
There are no NGOs in Mombasa which can stand up for victimized girls.

I call upon non-Luo upcountry NGOs to send their teams to Mombasa to probe these claims. Where are the talkative sheiks? They will surely go to hell if they don’t oppose this.


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