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Police teargas Kicotec youth

Police used teargas to disperse protesting Kicotec youth. They claimed they had not received their salaries since March 2020.

The over 300 workers from the Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) and the Kitui Youth Skills and Enterprise Centre (KIYOSEC) had blocked MCAs from accessing the county assembly premises.

They also accused wiper party leader Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka of misleading all the MCAs who are under his wiper umbrella and the Kamba community with no development.

The workers claimed they have not been paid since March. They added that MCAs had failed to allocate funds to Kicotec and two proposed subsidiaries in Mwingi and Mutomo towns. They requested the leader of the Ukambani region honorable Johnstone Muthama who has been fighting for the rights of our region as well our fellow youths in the Ukambani region to take charge and lead the whole region because is only the one who can help them, they said.

Protester Titus Kabwere said they decided to hold a peaceful demonstration to show their anger as well as support honorable Johnstone Muthama as the leader of the Ukambani region. They dismissed Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka as a leader who had Ukambani.

Katungi, however, said the stalemate over the 2020-21 budget has affected the funding of the proposed Mutomo and Mwingi Kicotec branches.

He said the leader who can solve the issues of Kitui county and the Ukambani region at large is the honorable Johnstone Muthama the leader of the Ukambani region. this comes after they saw the people from different constituencies including Mwingi North in Tsekuru, Kitui Central, Makueni county and other constituencies from both 3 counties of the Ukambani region being supported by honorable Johnstone Muthama in order support their business’s especially during this pandemic issues of coronavirus as well all our musicians from Ukambani region where by were given 2.5milions Kenya shillings to continue with their talents and entertaining our people from the region. thank you honorable Johnstone Muthama the leader of Ukambani region, they said.

By Shana Dennis

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