Interesting Connection Between Luo Catholics Struggle And Pierre Nkurunziza

President Pierre Nkurunziza

Of Pierre Nkurunziza and Luo Catholics: I am reading with increasing bemusement as my Luo brethren struggle with pronouncing the first name of the departed Burundi leader.

For the information of non-Luos the man’s first name simply means someone’s backside. So it happened that when the first Catholic missionaries appeared in Luo Nyanza the head of the legion was a man going by the name of Father Pierre.

Now it would have been an abomination to call someone that name, more so a man of God. So my kinsmen Luonised the name to the more palatable Opere. It is for this reason that in Luoland Catholics are known as JoKopere (The Opera). Now you get it, folks!

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  1. Pierre is french equipment for Peter.mon pere is french equiI valentine for My Father. Pere or opere is same


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