Pierre Nkurunziza, All is Vanity

Pierre Nkurunziza, All is vanity

Going through the tearful, surprise demise of President Pierre Nkurunziza, from Buya in Ngozi, Burundi:
What immediately hits my mind is the lyrics in the song “Yote ni Vanity” by Daddy Owen.

This son of a former governor was a horrible human being; heartless, fiendishly clever, and extremely paranoid!

Pierre trusted no one and like all madmen and despots in history; he always listened to “voices” – as Hitler did! Those voices are from “above”. He only ” received instructions from God”, not man, like the murderous war criminal Joseph Kony often claims as he goes around raping frightened kidnapped ladies infecting them with mass HIV/AIDS.

Who knew, that in the end, not even the mighty military and the paramilitary “Imbonerakure”, ominous guns and fierce dogs that he recklessly unleashed at will to torture and murder his critics at the snap of a finger would save Pierre from the jaws of death!

To sell the wisdom of fear to his critics, opposition & civil society: Pierre gave the 50,000 strong official govt militia ” Imbonerakure” the license to reign terror. And terror they reigned!

President Pierre Nkurunziza

Inbonerakure is a Kirundi word meaning “Those who can see far” and in their element of seeing far; From May 2015, these beasts tasked with ensuring Pierre stayed in power, embarked on a mass gang-rape campaign of ALL relatives of opposition to the president.

Incase the militia didn’t find your female relative, they would turn on you and mercilessly rape you. Human Rights Watch 2016 Report bares so graphic testaments from victims that I can’t even post here.

This group raped, maimed, and killed remorselessly because they enjoyed the direct support of Pierre himself. That not even warnings from the UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein would stop them.

May 23rd, 2015, Presidential guards dressed in their official uniform, while basking on endless impunity, shot dead opposition chief ZEDI FERUZI(draped in a national flag) of UPD, alongside his bodyguard in Bujumbura.

Nobody was arrested; nobody was held accountable as the nation convulsed into chaos.
Zedi was buried as you can see in the third pic, and his protesting supporters bathed with bullets.
Ashes to ashes we all go back!

As Pierre takes a tragic surprise bow off the stage to go meet Zedi & all others his regime irresponsibly killed…..
I am reminded of the chorus in the song “VANITY”, where Daddy Owen sings:
“Yooote ni vanity……ooh vaaaaaanity”

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