Paul Kobia’s expensive watch

Paul Kobia watch

Controversial businessman Paul Kobia has quietly jetted back in the country after being subjected to 14-days of compulsory quarantine while in Dubai where he’d tested positive for Covid-19.

The businessman was issued with a travelling certificate issued by the Dubai Health Authority and cleared to travel on 11th October after which he underwent a further fortnight long self-quarantine at his Nairobi home.

The outspoken politician has been linked to a number of powerful investors and political faces in West Africa in an earlier exclusive with Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle had professed his worry on contracting the virus,

“After I tested positive and got informed, I was at first shocked. I didn’t know how to approach such news.

Though the positive Covid-19 results could have humbled him, it didn’t last. The flamboyant businessman soon took to social media to post a luxurious time piece he “picked” while in Dubai. The wristwatch, a Hublot spirit of big bang gold blue 45mm retails at 44,000 USD in the local market.

He posted a picture wearing the watch with the caption “4m at hand” before later pulling down the post. The post had nonetheless received numerous admirers with some huffing at the price. “That’s a whooping 4.4m,” one noted. “How do I make such money? I’ve been sweating my balls without much,” added another.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle, Kobia said he was in a stable condition. “Life has to go on. We cannot cry corona corona always. We have to accept and move on. I value life now even more so I decided I will be going for my heart desires even as I treat others well,” he said

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