Children’s Show in Denmark Accused of Child Molestation

The children’s show in Denmark “Ultra Strips Down”, where teenagers are shown naked people for their sexual education, has been accused of child molestation. It has become the subject of discussion in Danish society and in the foreign press.The show has been accused of molestation. After a Danish conservative politician called the show “child molestation”, … Read more

Military Lesbian Couple Detained And Summoned To Court Martial

A Ghanaian military lesbian couple who got married over the weekend are reportedly detained and court-martialed. In videos shared online before their arrest, the two looked happy as they danced together as their guests congratulated them. The event led to mixed opinions on social media, as many questioned why such an “ungodly and abominable” event … Read more

Residents of a Russian City Fight “Lovers of Loud Sex”

In the city of Bryansk, residents of an apartment building decided to fight their neighbors, who were nicknamed “lovers of loud sex.” An announcement was placed in the elevator addressed to noisy residents. They have become known as the “Typical Bryansk” community on VKontakte. The announcement was posted in a residential building on Stanke Dimitrov … Read more

Husband Exposes Wife’s Cheating Thanks To A Smart Fan App

A US resident exposed his wife’s cheating thanks to a smart fan app installed on her mobile phone. He told about this in a post on Reddit. The man decided to update the smart fan filter app installed on his wife’s phone. At that moment, a message notification appeared on the screen. “Everything sank inside … Read more

Kalenga Kamwendo Africa’s Youngest Pilot

Kalenga Kamwendo is Africa’s youngest pilot and We will prove this adage which says: “To well-born souls, value does not await the number of years” At least that’s what one might think about the 21-year-old Zambian Kalenga Kamwendo, who is considered the youngest airline pilot in Africa. Indeed the fate of Kalenga took a dizzying … Read more

Kiki Punished Men By Infecting Them With AIDS

A Kenyan lady, Jackline Njoki Mwangi, also known as Kiki, disclosed that she punished men by deliberately infecting them with AIDS for not using protection. Kiki was Ng’endo, was first diagnosed with AIDS as a teenager after sleeping with men for money to take care of herself and her nephew. This was after her mother … Read more

This Man Raila Odinga

This man AGWAMBO Raila Odinga …!! 1980-1992. 12 solid years, Jaramogi was under house arrest, Raila is moving between Kamiti and Shimo la Tewa, No Odingaism. The ruling party is KANU whose chairman is Okiki Amayo, from Karachuonyo, the heart of South Nyanza. In Moi’s government Dalmas, Owigo Olang, Ndolo Ayah, Ouko Robert ,Oloo Aringo, … Read more

Open Letter To Raila Odinga

Dear Raila Odinga An open letter to the enigma, Raila Odinga, may make sense or at least shed some light. While I perfectly understand that money is the mother milk of politics. I gaze today is one of such exceptional days when I choose to dispense wisdom on my area of speciality, public speaking 🎤. … Read more

Careers that Wages Will Increase In 2021

Read on to discover the profiles of careers that benefit from an increase in wages in 2021. Auditor What does the job of the auditor look like? He is an expert in management, management, and accounting whose primary mission is to verify the regularity of a company’s accounts. In 2021, his gross annual salary should … Read more

Despite beauty, I grow corn so as not to depend on a Man!

Being born with a nice body does not depend on anyone on earth because it is just a gift from God. Physical beauty is something that a person can have if the birthing process is favorable for them and it is very optional because two parents can be beautiful and give birth to an unpleasant … Read more

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