Oscar Sudi defends Raila Odinga a few days after his visit to Bondo

Oscar Sudi defends Raila Odinga

Oscar Sudi has come out to defend former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over Jubilee’s internal strife. This is barely days after he visited Bondo in Siaya County for his friend’s engagement ceremony. Sudi slept in Kisumu county and interacted with the residents at Dunga beach.

The sudden change of heart has baffled many. This comes at a time when the rift between Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta continues to widen. Allies of the DP had earlier blamed Raila Odinga for the Rift but have changed tune thanks to the deepening souring of relationships between the two leaders.

The vocal Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, on Friday, came out strongly to distance the ODM supremo from the wars within Jubilee.

The Kapseret Member of Parliament was speaking at the burial ceremony of one of his political supporters, Kevin Kipchirchir, Kabenes in Soy Constituency. Oscar Sudi told the mourners that despite most of William Ruto’s supporters being kicked out of various leadership positions both houses, they had no problem with ODM members who had taken over the positions.

He defended Raila Odinga and said that the former Prime Minister, just like any other politician, took advantage of the situation as expected of any other political leader.

“As I have said before, Raila Odinga is not to blame and neither is he involved in all this. He saw an opportunity and took it like anybody else,” stated Sudi in a video shared on his Facebook page.

He however castigated Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly planning to make Gideon Moi the flag bearer of the coalition that is in the making.

Responding to the recently released report that placed him among MPs who have never spoken in parliament, Sudi said that the Baringo senator was also ranked worse as he had never uttered a word in the senate. Sudi placed himself better because he speaks outside parliament.

He reminded the gathering that the main reason for the formation of the Jubilee party was to bring Kenyans together and not to divide them through witchhunt and tribal conglomerations.

He demanded that Tuju provide an audit report of the Party’s expenditures. He claimed that Tuju was making unexplained withdrawals and misusing the funds. He warned him that the allies of the DP would walk out of the Jubilee party without a ‘fight’.

“Before they get rid of Caleb Kositany as the Party’s Deputy Secretary-General, they must provide us with the party’s audit. I have seen in today’s newspapers that Tuju withdrew 50 million from the party’s accounts and used it to clear his own debts, to forestall the auctioning of his property,” said Sudi.

He subtlety revealed that they may leave Jubilee. He urged Uhuru to stop his empty promises of fighting corruption and explain to them how the party’s funds had been disbursed.

” We will not necessarily depend on the Jubilee party in 2022. When the time comes, will come back and tell you of our next moves. It is all in God’s hands” added Sudi

He said that he was not interested in a parliamentary committee position and asked those who has put his name in some of them to remove him.

Is a deal with Raila Odinga in the works? Watch this space.

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