Open Letter To Senator James Orengo

Salutations Senior. I trust that this finds you in good health.


The motivation behind this letter is the interview you had the other night on Ohigla which is a program on Radio Ramogi. I believe that I’m not the only one who found your handling of the interview not only mediocre but also casual and lackadaisical. It’s either you weren’t prepared for it or you opted to treat it like some busaa club gossip session. Your performance was not only underwhelming but profoundly shocking.

Mheshimiwa you know how seriously most of us take interviews especially where bright minds like yours are involved. We evade traffic jams or even leave our change in matatus so as to get home early enough to listen to your thinking. We therefore get disappointed when you handle such with a Don’t Care attitude

Senator I’m a resident of Siaya County. Born and bred. I’ve admired your politics for as long as I’ve known politics which is over three decades. I’ve followed your every move sometimes with admiration and other times with confusion. As we move ahead I know that you’ve not declared your interest in the Siaya gubernatorial race though the goat traders in Ugunja are gossiping about it. It’s not in my province to decide for you whether you’ll vie or not. My interest is that most calls in that interview were shaped around your muchene bid. We’re convinced you’ll vie and that’s why most questions were around this purported bid

The thrust of this letter Ajim is to ask you a few questions which may have evaded your attention during the interview either by coincidence or design. I will break them down one by one

Mheshimiwa you’ve been in public office for about 25 years. Here I’m leaving out your SONU days and talking about your first stint as an MP around early eighties when you served for about two years then abandoned your seat because of Mois ways. You came back from Tanzania in time for the Ford gospel and got elected in 1992 serving until 2002. You lost and made a comeback in 2007 serving to date in public office as MP Minister and currently Senator. Based on your vast public service experience I think it’s proper to interrogate your track record.

Senior having served in these capacities it’s proper to ask you what you’ve achieved for the people of Ugenya and Siaya. What’s your record in terms of tangible sustainable development. What projects have you initiated and/completed in not just Ugenya but Siaya. It would be good if we can break them down sector by sector. Education Security Health Food Security and Agriculture Women and Youth Empowerment Water and Sanitation Environmental Conservation Energy etc. I would be honored to hear of at least three projects PER sector. 25 years can be accounted for!

Mheshimiwa I’ve heard stories from some quarters that in your long history of public service there was no CDF and the regime was harsh to critics. This is an EXCUSE but not a reason for a poor record which I don’t think you have. You had the links. CDF isn’t the only source of funding as many leaders have proven. Leaders Iobby government and development partners. In mind I have Raphael Tuju Wanjiri Kihoro and others who didn’t depend on CDF.

Lastly Mheshimiwa you’re an astute defender of human rights and the law. An incident happened in the 2007 campaigns that’s very dear to me. My friend Martin Oluoch was your driver and died while discharging his duties. How far have you gone to seek and secure justice for the family.

Thanks as I look forward to your reply

Yours Antony Oyugi

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