Open Letter To Raila Odinga

Open letter to Raila Odinga

Dear Raila Odinga

An open letter to the enigma, Raila Odinga, may make sense or at least shed some light. While I perfectly understand that money is the mother milk of politics. I gaze today is one of such exceptional days when I choose to dispense wisdom on my area of speciality, public speaking 🎤.

I can’t brag to know too much in relation to public speaking nor demean myself to think I know too little. Truth be told, of late the country’s attention has been diverted by the media to the crowd pulling technique of two politicians,Ruto and Raila. Striking a line of comparison. Kenyans comparing politicians in terms of masses. The two poses such skills but one outstanding factor would be who is the most effective public speaker.

Ruto is going by the momentum speech, what majority of Kenyans want to hear currently. The struggles of mama Mboga and the effective pr hustler nation. King kaka’s song to Kenyans about Kenyans incurable amnesia, fast to forget. Hell almost broke loose after 2017,the sharp divide that almost tore Kenya apart. What prompted the need for handshake and BBI. Is Raila’s speeches that effective like before. Well any public speakers gaze will be no, especially the attacks and how he mention the dp Ruto’s billions.

We all know Raila’s struggle what he has stood for all along. Audience would want to hear the transformation journey directly from the source. The cure for Kenyans amnesia is a jog down the memory lane. It’s Raila’s time to tell Kenyans his development track record.Kenyans know this things but there is need to to remind them. You don’t take chances as public speakers. It should be a competition of ideas with a blend of pr. As for Ruto donations shouldn’t be the core or epicenter of his speech that would suggest Raila is losing the script.

Kenyans believe all politicians are thieves at various levels. As the saying goes “kama itiye ema ichieme”(where you work is the same place you eat or steal).

What do you think of the Open letter to Raila Odinga?

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