What is the motive behind Ngilu’s impeachment?

The Motion for the impeachment of the County Governor of Kitui is work of politics and settling of political scores by grandstanding political manderins . The motion is dogged with aloofness, vitriol, ambiguity, self-seeking statement and the entire motion doesn’t meet the minimum threshold of an impeachment based on the following legal observations: On the … Read more

My heart goes to the men who lose their jobs

My heart goes to the journalists who have been laid off from Media Max. Losing a job on any day is bad enough. Losing your job in the winter of Covid-19 is doubly worse. I don’t know how losing a job affects women. I do understand that it is just as stressful. But for the … Read more

China has turned to hawking the economic

China has turned to HAWKING ECONOMY to keep its low-skilled citizens at WORK. These people are ingenious, highly versatile, practical, and very very wise. In fact, Chinese PM Li Keqiang last week during a visit to Shandong province went ahead to say ” street hawkers are the LIFEBLOOD of the country and a key source … Read more

Police Storm Club Owned by a Tangatanga MP and Arrest Revelers Drinking After Curfew Time

Revelers were on Saturday morning arrested after they were found drinking inside Avery Lounge in Utawala, Nairobi County, in contravention of government directives on curfew to curb the spread of Coronavirus Police stormed the club owned by Moses Kuria a little past 2 am and were taken to the Kayole Police Station where they are … Read more

Why DP William Ruto Formed Jubilee Asili

President Uhuru Kenyatta is not amused by the decision by Tangatanga led by Deputy President William Ruto to dump the Jubilee Party and form Jubilee Asili. In the next few days, Ruto and his allies will register Jubilee Asili whose slogan will be “SOTE PAMOJA”Party. Ainabkoi MP William Chepkut did not mince his words and … Read more

Woman Reports Husband to His Boss and the boss gives her a lesson

One day a woman went to her husband’s work place to report him to his boss. She told the boss how her husband usually squander his Ksh.5,500 salary and only gave her K3,000 for upkeep. After her narration, the boss told her to come back on the last day of the month. On the set … Read more

President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet by his Kenyan supporter

President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet by his Kenyan supporter who claimed that Trump had done more for black people than all other presidents combined. The Kenyan, Kenyan David Kyalo Musyoka did not substantiate his claim. Trump accepted the praise though he acknowledged that President Abraham Lincoln, who is credited with abolishing slave trade equally … Read more

Tangatanga leaders face wrath of voters for non performance

Residents of Bomet East constituency this week displayed their displeasure with their MP Beatrice Kones and other elected leaders over their poor performance.  To drive their message home, the locals put up a signpost with a list of their grievances and cemented it to the ground in Longisa Ward. The signpost read, “Welcome to the … Read more

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