Ndindi Nyoro Lost Nominations in His Own Ward.

Ndindi Nyoro lost ward

Ndindi Nyoro lost nominations in his own yard. Gaturi Ward seat in Kiharu Constituency fell vacant after the death of area MCA Mbembe (RIP) a few months ago. Ruto tasked Ndindi Nyoro and Alice Wahome to capture the seat, they failed miserably.
Gaturi isn’t just a ward. This is where Ndindi Nyoro was born. Over 90% of his family members live in the above mentioned ward.

Ndindi Nyoro is Ruto point-man not just in Kiharu but also in the larger Murang’a County. He is the guy tasked to deliver all Murang’a votes to Ruto.
During Gaturi’ Jubilee Nominations, Nyoro fronted his personal assistant for the seat, Ndindi, several Tanga tanga Mps, And Tanga tanga political brokers camped in Gaturi Ward for 7 weeks. With cash, wheelbarrows, mikokotenis etc etc
Ndindi, Tanga Tanga and William Ruto’ candidate lost terribly.

He was the last. Even Ndindi Nyoro’ family voted against Tanga Tanga candidate. Ndindi lost in his village of birth! YET Ruto expects him to deliver all Murang’a votes to him. Maajabu!
Tanga Tanga and Hustler movements are only ‘popular’ on Facebook. Dynasties are only falling on social media.

Handshake won in Gaturi.

Tanga Tanga is hot air, they are just on Facebook and they have hired boda riders all over the country. The work of boda is to heckle other leaders who are not ready to support Ruto. The other work is to create a convoy for Ruto everywhere he goes so as to pull crowds. Kenyans being good onlookers they definitely come.

The other strategy is, he hired very many bloggers who post articles and the same bloggers comment to influence the outcome of the discussion. Remember Moses Kuria once dared Uhuru to touch any of them in the committee’s of parliament and see the wrath of Tanga Tanga. What happened? The famous Mwaga kitoweo tumwage unga. This guys will be neutralized by Uhuru just like they never existed.

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